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Welcome to my homepage where you can also find a little bit about me and explore some of my Projects and my Portfolio.


In my program management role in the FinTech industry, I am tasked with building alignment and stability between our systems, our processes, and our people to enhance process flows, focusing on deliverables and strategic development. 


As an Adjunct Instructor, I have the unique opportunity to guide others in their personal success journey. 


I teach campus and online undergraduate and graduate business courses and work full-time so balance and organization are critical life skills for me.  I believe that we should always seek to make our organizations better by leading process improvement and supporting progressive change; these are ideals that I follow in my personal and professional life. As such, I have earned a B.S. in Environmental Science, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management). I am a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and a Project Management Professional (PMP).  Read my CV here.


I attended graduate school as an adult working full-time, so I have first-hand experience and understand the challenges facing adult learners who must juggle home, work, and school.  I was a distance-learning student for part of graduate school, and I am personally well-acquainted with the commitment this modality requires and the level of communication necessary for success.


My work in industry allows me to bring a holistic and practical mindset to curriculum development and instruction. As a leader at work and school, I am responsible for building and shaping the skill sets of those around me. I believe there is a need for individuals such as myself, with both business and academic credentials, to take a leadership role in business and higher education, which are likewise tasked to bridge the gap between business and academia.


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Cynthia Wolfe


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