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Best Work > Better Work


My best is not good enough.

There, I’ve said it.

You see, it may be good enough today, but it is certainly not good enough tomorrow.

I always try to do my best work, both in required tasks and personal tasks. 

Writing, teaching, project management, whatever…requires my devotion to perfection or at least the best that I can do at the time.

Honestly, I have found that my “best work” will improve the more that I exercise it.

For example, when I first started teaching online, I tried very hard to be the “best” that I could be when engaging with students.  As an industry professional, I am expected to always give 100% to my projects and contribute my “best” ideas, efforts, team spirit, and support. 

Yet over time, I have become even more adept and have redefined what my “best work” truly is. 

So, for me, my “best work” 15 years ago is a poor shadow of what my “best work” is today.

If you are focused on today only, and berating yourself over past mistakes or what you view as substandard or even embarrassing work, stop kicking yourself.

Consciously working to improve your “best work” today,

pays dividends on tomorrow’s “best work.”