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My New Normal in a Pandemic

I’m writing this during the COVID-19 pandemic and there have been a lot of discussion in the media about what our “new normal” will look like. So I thought for a moment about my situation.

My new normal:

We have a wedding in the family that we’ve postponed to later in the year. We are avoiding the theater, concerts, sporting events, etc., and travel of any kind. We order groceries online and pick them up in the Big Box parking lot (and husband moans he isn’t able to pick out the marbled steaks he likes). Buying those groceries blows the budget up. I’m baking bread because it’s scarce. No fast food and no restaurants – too risky for those of us with health issues.

My hair stylist is unable to open her small business and folks like me have the 80’s messy hair look going on. We’re no longer shaking hands. Doctor appointments have been cancelled or delayed; my dentist moved my cleaning to August (from April) and some dental work looks like it will not get done. Our sweet grandbabies are taking lessons online and their Mommy is doing the homeschooling thing because schools and daycare is closed.

I’m WFH for weeks now, my inbox blows up every day, and I’m now a pro at virtual conference calling. Our little family “quaranteam” / “virus pod” is keeping out of the city unless we have no choice.

Is this my permanent new normal?

What does your new normal look like?