The New Instructor: Course Design

This elearning module was created in Captivate Storyline 360. 

This module is included in the series, “The New Instructor,” in which we explore the experiences of a new faculty member and share advice and tips on how to navigate in this new role.

I developed this series to address some of the questions that I had as a new instructor, or questions that some of my mentees have had. Nikki represents all of us newbee instructors!

In this module, Nikki is scheduled to teach her first class soon, and she has some questions about course design and quality. She meets up with her mentor, Dr. Johns, who introduces her to some new colleagues that share some advice from their experience with course design and how objectives and learning outcomes are woven into the course and impact activities in the course.

I chose a “clean” slide design with white and black, with turquoise/blue as accent colors. From a technical standpoint, I used Storyline characters and embedded text-to-speech with closed captions. I created a tabbed slide with three buttons and layers for the three instructors who guide Nikki to understand course design. Each instructor uses a visual focus such as an image or text to highlight their commentary.

Nikki summarizes her learning by identifying some questions she can ask herself as she considers course design. After this slide, there are two multiple choice questions to reinforce learning. On the last slide, Nikki address learners and shares an opportunity for learners to “restart” or “exit” the module.

This Storyline learning module is a microlearning opportunity intended to introduce and then reinforce information that will help guide New Instructors to success.

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