The Project Charter: Course Design

This elearning module was created in Captivate Rise 360. 

This course is designed for new Project Managers, as it reviews basic information about Project Charters. I shared the purpose and usefulness of a Project Charter, by highlighting why Projects need a Project Charter and what elements to include. As an experienced Project / Program Manager myself, I see the need for new Project Managers to have foundational knowledge about various tools such as the Project Charter to have in their toolkit.

The most exciting thing for me in developing this course is that I found a new tool to play with! In the final Module, I wanted to share a “real” voice from a seasoned Project Manager, taking the role of a SME in my Course. I could have recorded my own voice, but I wanted to explore some other options.

I found a site that “reads” text in a synthesized voice, without sounding like a robot. I typed in my text, selected a voice, and then downloaded the mp3, which I added to my course in Module 5. Click on the Rise course and navigate to Module 5, and listen to “Ben” share his thoughts about Project Charters (ha ha). I did not see a way in Rise to do closed captioning on embedded audio, so I typed what “Ben” said below “his” photo.

Here is the link to the voice-to-text site, in case you want to use something like this in one of your courses:

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